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movies are an incredibly powerful form of entertainment, and by far my favorite part of life.

i have experience in each stage of production, but have found that i enjoy writing, producing and directing the most.

i've directed many videos, and am involved heavily in various video projects for a diverse slate of media, but narrative film is far and away my favorite type of content.

short films

Chained to a Cowboy

comedy // western // 20 mins

a lonely cowboy is hired to transport a really, really annoying prisoner.

final_Chained to a Cowboy Main Poster.jpg

Chained to a Cowboy was my first serious attempt at a short, and it's a crowd pleaser for sure.

i learned a whole lot about story telling, directing, editing, and comedy throughout the production and reception of this short.

it won "Best Long Form" at the Fault Line Film Festival at Southeast Missouri State.

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