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who am i?

creativity has been the driving factor behind my life for as long as i can remember. 

after my childhood affinity with legos, i wanted to become an architect.

in high school, i joined the a/v club (one of the best in the midwest), and fell so hard in love with movies and graphic design.  

since then, i've dedicated my life to learning more about these two forms of art and doing everything i can to master both of them. 

in 2021, my two best friends and i started Cut The Deck Creative, a creative agency.

it's also really, really fun to make things.
corey 1 CTD Headshots 24-05.jpg
when i'm not making something, i absolutely love nature and listen to a lot of different kinds of music.

i studied abroad in Wellington, NZ for the majority of 2023, which was a dream and has inspired me greatly. i live in Madison, WI again now. 

some of my favorite pictures from my favorite places are featured here.

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