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graphic design

making the world beautiful is an important job, and i don't take the task lightly.


Cut The Deck Creative

creative direction // branding

the Cut The Deck logo holds a special place in my heart because it's the logo to the creative agency that my two friends and i started.


it depicts a camera aperture, since it is a video-focused company. the logo is also an infinite circle of playing cards, which is reprised throughout other branding.


- website

- brand manual

- merch (100% of profits go to charity!)

- social media graphics

- posters

Main Logo.png

motion design

Flower Boy album visualizer

lyric videos // branding

contains mature content

Flower Boy is a complex album that deserves an entire album visualizer.

while i didn't have the capacity to create a lyric video for each song, i was able to create an example for what it could look like. 


this project also included a custom album cover and some other graphics, all to create a mock cohesive album rollout.

FINAL Album Cover Flower Boy-02.png
Back and Front Mockup.jpg
Tour Poster Mockup.jpg

other projects

ASM student bus pass

bus pass // fliers // digital graphics

an incredibly unique opportunity i had was the creation of the fall '22 & spring '23 bus passes for UW-Madison students.

this was almost a year long process, but worth every second. the space theme plays with the idea that the bus system can take you to new worlds!

these passes are currently in circulation and in the hands of ~30,000 people!

Final 22-23 Bus Pass-01.png
Final 22-23 Bus Pass-02.png
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